My Wonderful Life Review

This show manages the misfortune defeating of another everyday routine as a youthful mother who has experienced a hard life turns into a little girl of a chaebol. It is a story that happens when a youthful mother, who has lived in resistance with all her misfortune, turns into a chaebol girl toward the beginning of the day. It is by all accounts a dramatization that thinks back on life and family.

34-year-old Park Bok-Hee (Shim Yi-Young) is hitched to Ki Cha-Ban (Won Ki-Jun) and they have twin child (Choi Seung-Hoon) and little girl (Kwon Ji-Min).

Because of her significant other's inadequacy, Park Bok-Hee endeavors to help her family. By the by, Ki Cha-Ban takes part in an extramarital entanglements and he needs a separation. Park Bok-Hee overlooks his separation interest.

At some point, Park Bok-Hee discovers that she is the girl of Ko Choong (Lee Jung-Kil) and Jo Eun-Lim (Kim Young-Ran). Ko Choong is essential for a rich chaebol family that runs the Shinsang Group. Park Bok-Hee's life is changed totally.

In the interim, Ko Sang-A (Jin Ye-Sol), who is 34-years of age, has lived as the girl of Ko Choong and Jo Eun-Lim for every last bit of her life, however incidentally, she isn't their genuine little girl.

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