Sniper Review

Two unbelievable riflemen with a consistent organization end up on inverse sides because of contrasts in qualities and convictions. One perilous mission achieves a lethal fight that happens in the shadows.

During the spring of 1949, master expert marksman Su Wenqian who's been concealing his character gets a mission to come into the exceptional violations division as an advisor to bring down an association of mystery professional killers. Simultaneously, the foe sends in Chi Tiecheng who is their main assassin.

Su Wenqian used to be a dissident against Japanese occupation and he was accomplices with Chi Tiecheng for some years.

After numerous life and passing experiences with the individuals from exceptional wrongdoings, Su Wenqian who once promised never to utilize a firearm again begins to see expectation and finds motivation to battle again. Two companions with unequaled deadly abilities participate in a skirmish of brains and will.

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